Creepy, Ghost Participate There Selfie Photos of Jessica Alba

The figure of the ghost sightings allegedly participated in selfie photo of Jessica Alba. Fantastic Four actor that he did not know anything about the ghost sightings.
Jessica Alba (Photo: Instagram/@jessicalaba)
In the photos uploaded on her Instagram account, Jessica appears to take photos without a bandage selfie her makeup. Nevertheless, she still looks beautiful. But there is one thing that changed the gorgeous photos of Jessica so creepy.

Right behind Jessica contained an apparent mirror shows a figure in white robes who allegedly ghost. The apparition was also recognized by Jessica.

"I have no idea what that is freaky," writes Jessica in the photo caption.
Suddenly the picture directly to invite comments from netizens. Some believe it was a real ghost there who also said that the ghost is just engineering.

Even one netter advised Jessica to immediately move out of his home. "Time to pack up and move," commented one user wrote.source

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