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    E-commerce Transaction Value in Indonesia Tantalize

    Sunday, January 24, 2016, January 24, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-25T03:25:55Z
    The height of e-commerce users in Indonesia makes the transaction value continues to grow. According to Bank Indonesia, the value of e-commerce transactions in 2014 reached US $ 2.6 billion or equivalent to IDR 34.9 trillion.
    Illustration (CNN Indonesia/Safir Makki)
    "It is estimated that $ 2.6 billion figure will continue to rise in subsequent years," said Director General of Domestic Trade at the Sri Agustina 5 Minutes for E-commerce in 2016 in Jakarta.

    Based on data from the Association of Indonesian Retailers, retailers in Indonesia and in many countries today are trying to embrace multichannel approach or offline-to-online (O2O). This is done to meet the expectations of customers while winning the race for market share.

    From the data held by the Directorate General of trade, showed that 80 percent of retailers acknowledge the percentage of online sales increased by an average growth of 25 percent.

    Sri Agustina also revealed the type of goods that are often purchased through e-commerce. "According to AC Nielsen, 69 percent of which is clothing, household appliances 10 percent, 7 percent of the book, 7 percent travel ticket, and 6 percent of computer stuff," he said.

    Buyers of e-commerce in Indonesia is still dominated by women by 54 percent compared to men. In terms of age, 20-29 years of about 50 percent, the remaining 30-39 years.

    "The goal is indeed most women and young consumers," he continued.

    The height of the use of e-commerce is also supported by the presence of the gadget is equipped with high speed internet connection.

    "The phenomenon of smartphone users are equipped with internet facilities into a kind of tremendous opportunities for trade through e-commerce," he continued.

    He also revealed that the title of National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) proved to trigger consumers to further examine and prioritize the purchase of products through e-commerce. Harbolnas participants continues to increase every year. Initially only 7, has now reached 140 companies in 2015. (tyo)


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