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    Entering 2016, Life Saving So Trends Among Celebrities

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016, January 13, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:42Z
    Jakarta - Celebrity is synonymous with the glamorous lifestyle. Expensive designer clothes, holidays abroad, lavish meals, driving luxury cars is very common for them and attend parties upscale seemed to have become a part of life.
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    However, there is a different in the year 2016. Looks like some of them started embarrassed by the glamorous lifestyle and consumptive. See it Pevita Pearce, Hamish David and fashion bloggers as well selebgram Sonia Eryka. They started implementing frugal lifestyle in many ways. The reason is dear money.

    Not long ago Pevita through her Instagram account pevpearce upload a photo that shows her middle venturing around Jakarta using Trans Jakarta bus. "Roving Jakarta by public transport is equal to saving more money, time to downsize in 2016," wrote Pevita on one of the photos her uploaded.

    Others with Pevita Pearce, presenters, actors and models, Hamish David started to implement a frugal lifestyle by eating less luxurious. Hamish who are adventurous do not hesitate to eat at warteg like most people. Simple home-style menu and a more intimate atmosphere is chosen.

    While Sonia Eryka as fashion lovers, trying to save money by not always buy new clothes branded expensive. All already know if Sonia is always intelligent mixing, matching clothes to look fashionable. But no one knows if it was not all her clothes bought at high prices.

    Ninotchka cafe owner turned out avid shopping in thrift shop clothing store second alias. Relying on austerity and fashion his intuition, he can obtain expensive branded clothes with conditions that are still pretty good, but the price is cheaper.

    The rest of the money owned from routine expenditure can be used for something more useful. For example, opening a savings account in order to prepare the future. Well, there is one more thing to consider before opening a new account. To be more profitable again should select a free saving administrative costs and transactions.

    Looks like some celebrity frugal lifestyle of the above can be a good idea to be implemented in the 2016's. Why #SayangUangnya wasteful.(adv / adv)


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