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    Ex-CIA Agent: This is evidence of Hitler Ostensibly Dead and Escape

    Sunday, January 10, 2016, January 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-11T03:05:19Z
    Bob Baer is a former agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Already 21 years he crisscrossed the spy world, involved in the kotra-intelligence and espionage in various corners of the Earth.
    Plot to kill Hitler (Wikipedia)
    And now, shocking information came from his lips. According to Baer, ​​the evidence newly opened secret documents mention that the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler faked his death, before escaping to the Canary Islands by air, before arriving in Argentina.

    He claims, newly released FBI documents also show that the investigator at that time doubted that the dictator shot himself in the head.

    Refer to the official version, Adolf Hitler and his lover committed suicide together in a bunker in Reichskanzlei - German Chancellor's office. Eva Braun biting the cyanide capsule, the Nazi boss firing head.

    That said, the two bodies later burned, so as not to be recognized and not be used as the butt of the enemy. However, it was later revealed, was considered Hitler's skull fragments held by Russia actually belonged to a young woman aged under 40. Meanwhile, Hitler died at age 56.

    According to the documentary 'Hunting Hitler' which aired History Channel, no witnesses who could prove that the fuses suicide or find his body in the bunker.
    Skull believed to be Hitler (Reuters)
    By bringing together the pieces of the facts, the documentary team concluded, there is likely to Hitler pretended to be dead and escaped through Templehof Airport, a day after his last appearance in public.

    One of the plane that left Germany during the Nazi mass exodus believed to load his luggage.

    During the controversial documentary, Baer claimed, "Narrative government given to us was a lie," he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (09/01/2015).

    He added that the documents the FBI opened an opportunity to open a new investigation into the matter.

    "What we are doing is mengeksaminasi history - which makes us think that Hitler died in the bunker. However, the deeper look at it, we did get the factual proof of that," added Baer.

    The man added that the FBI recently opened documents that showed concern that Hitler's body was found and the lack of evidence about the death of the man with the terrible reputation.

    New Version of Old Stories

    That Hitler committed suicide allegedly not already become an old story. One controversial theory mention, of Germany Hitler ran through the Canary Island, then up the U-boat he fled to Argentina - that is friendly to the Nazis.

    Hitler runaway speculation even to Indonesia. He claimed to be disguised as a doctor and died in Indonesia.

    In the book Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf, two authors, Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan said, Hitler fled to Argentina with his wife, Eva Braun.

    They claimed to have 'strong evidence' that shows the couple escaped and survived the turmoil during World War II, and live a new life in a pouch in Argentina controlled Nazi fascist government.

    Williams and Dunstan even revealed the couple had two children, before Hitler finally breathed his last in 1962, at the age of 73 years.
    Revealed a photograph depicting the figure of Nazi leader wearing a Japanese kimono.

    Writer Abel Basti claims similar things in 2003 in his book, "Hitler in Argentina".

    He said Hitler and Braun fled to Argentine coast with a submarine and lived for many years around San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourist site and ski areas, about 1,000 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires.

    Reports from the archives also show that officials of Argentina when it knew that Hitler was near their borders.
    US skeptical about the news of Hitler's death
    Also there is irrefutable evidence that the US government closely supervise Argentina until the late 1940s. The FBI, which has a post in Argentina and Washington DC at the time, wrote a report about the alleged sightings and the presence of Hitler in the country from 1945 to 1949.

    However, the opinion was denied sensational leading historian Guy Walters. He said, claims that "The 2000 percent of waste".

    Claim an offensive mage suicide in the bunker reinforced testimony Rochus Misch, 94, a former radio operator Hitler, while the only thing that he survived the Berlin bunker. He said he saw the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun with his own eyes.

    "I was in the next room when he shot himself. I did not hear gunshots, but saw corpses were found when the door is opened," he said. "I saw Hitler slumped with his head on the table."

    While, Eva Braun was found dead in a state of sitting in the corner of the sofa. "His head turned toward Hitler, pull your knees to his chest. He was wearing a dark blue dress." source


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