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    Ford Surrender in Indonesia, Indonesian All Ford Employees Laid Off

    Monday, January 25, 2016, January 25, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-26T04:01:25Z
    Jakarta - Like a lightning in broad daylight. Ford brands from the United States (US), it could no longer compete in Indonesia. A unanimous decision has been made. Ford gave up.
    Ford Asia Pacific
    Of course, this step has important implications. Consumers are confused about how the fate of Ford after sales service. While inside, the employee must swallow bitter, laid off.

    Workforce of 44 Ford sales network now bite the fingers. They helped so casualties of the fierce national automotive industry. Similarly, the retainer in the ranks of Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI). All the same fate, thank laid off.

    "All the dismissed employees and top management including FMI which total approximately 35 employees," said Director of Communications FMI, Lea Kartika when contacted "Nothing is drawn to the region."

    Ford did not get a good wind in Indonesia. Especially over the past year were only 4986 units recorded wholesale.

    Of the models, only EcoSport which looks brilliant. Low models sport utility vehicle (LSUV) only sold 2,713 units. Whereas in 2014, is reaping the car pretty good performance with 5603 units.

    But Ford would have another strategy. In this class, the competition will be tight. There Honda BR-V, Terios, Rush, and which will incorporate Mazda CX-3. Than to die slowly, this American manufacturer prefers out with strapping head.

    While in the SUV class, Ford actually got all new Everest carrying the complete feature in its class. The car of the technical side has more value the face of competitors such as the Fortuner, the Pajero Sport, and MU-X. But Ford trepidation.

    "Ford saw Indonesia does not have prospects expect to be overrun on an ongoing basis," said Lea.source


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