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Google Makes Special Division of Virtual Reality

Jakarta - Trend and technological development of virtual reality (VR) increasingly heated has made Google stifling. Internet giant was finally formed a special division which is focused in the development of VR.
Google Cardboard
Google also has appointed Clay Bavor for the newest division lead. Bavor who previously served as Vice President of Product Management, responsible for handling matters pertaining to Google applications, such as Drive, Docs, Gmail, and others.

Bavor old position was immediately replaced by Dione Greene. The news about the formation of this division alone has been confirmed by Google, but as quoted from Recode, Thursday (01/14/2016), a Google spokesman declined to comment further.
Speaking of virtual reality, this is not technology for Google yesterday afternoon. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, the United States has even invested in developing virtual reality device cheap, Cardboard.

Not only that, in May 2015 ago, Google has announced a partnership with action-camera maker GoPro to deliver video with 360 degree views on YouTube.

Do not stop there? Does not seem. With the fanfare of subsidiary Facebook, Oculus, on his virtual reality headset, Rift, it increasingly makes Google the heat.

"I think Google has seriously by VR. And I think they are more serious," according to a brief analysis of Gartner research director Brian Blau.(rou / rou)

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