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    Know the Cause of Death At Four Bedroom

    Monday, January 18, 2016, January 18, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-18T08:02:29Z
    Jakarta - The death Flag Hilmansyah (31), the eldest son of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti on Sunday (17/1) left a question mark. Because the cause of the incident is not yet known with certainty, because Bannerman died suddenly in a state of sleep.
    Illustration sleep. (Thinkstock / Hemera Technologies)
    Assistant Secretary Susi, Fika Fawzia Hilman assume that death due to heart disease.

    According to Dr. Hardjo Prawira, Sp.PD.KKV, specialist in internal medicine, cardiovascular Pulomas of OMNI Hospital, sudden death in sleep generally due to lack of oxygen.

    "There are two things that can cause this, the first of the lung and the second from the heart," said Dr. Hardjo, when contacted, Monday (18/1).

    If the cause of lung, according to Dr. Hardjo, it could be due to a blockage in the airways. "It could be because the tongue falling back to sleep on his back, causing disruption of air flow and blockages," he said.

    While the second is due to a heart attack.

    "A heart attack is caused muscle does not have time to adapt, so it can not pump blood that carries oxygen, resulting in a lack of oxygen that the body can cause death," he said.

    Furthermore, Dr. Hardjo mention heart can only survive without blood flow is less than three hours. "If it's more than that, the heart muscle will be damaged at all and stop pumping. That which we call sudden cardiac death, "he said.

    Even so, Dr. Hardjo said that despite including sudden death, sudden cardiac death did not come suddenly. Generally, it begins narrowing of the arteries and heart rhythm disturbances.

    "The story is the same afterwards. Insufficient oxygen intake and damage the heart, "said Dr. Hardjo.

    He also mentioned some of the complaints that usually accompanies a heart attack in his sleep. "Previously, there must be a complaint of chest pain, shortness of breath, so short of breath or sore back," he continued.

    In some very severe cases, the patient can feel like choking. "Complaints of pain may spread to the neck and left arm."

    If treated quickly, these complaints could be addressed and heart attacks could be avoided.

    "The problem is, most people are less vigilant Indonesia. Complaints were considered trivial, massaged or scraped, already healthy again. When it should be sent to the doctor, "he said.

    In addition to lack of oxygen caused the failure of the heart and lungs, also summarizes the four largest possible the cause of death of a person while asleep, namely:

    Brugada syndrome

    This syndrome is a type of congenital cardiac electrical abnormalities that often affects men aged about 30 years old when they were asleep. This syndrome is more common in Asians compared to other areas. Before dying, the patient will be seen as healthy. In fact, coronary heart disease risk factors may not be found and the structure of the heart was normal. However, in fact this abnormality can be detected by electrocardiography (ECG), which serves to record the heart rhythm.

    Sleep Apnea (Continuous Breath)

    It is caused by decreased oxygen to the body breathing during sleep due to obstruction. People who suffer from sleep apnea may experience respiratory arrest for 10 seconds to a few minutes and to cause a person dies, the event will be repeated as much as 5 to 30 times in one hour. Thus, the heart was forced to work harder and at a time the brain stops sending signals to the breathing muscles. Sleep Apnea is a little different with Brugada syndrome because not only attack young adults only, but also the elderly. Snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea. Obesity is another factor that supports the Sleep Apnea.


    The term comes from the Philippines in Tagalog, which means "nightmare". Filipinos believe bangungot caused by too much consumption of carbohydrates a person before he slept. In the Philippines, 43 out of 100,000 people died bangungot. An autopsy on someone who is having bangungot did not find a heart problem. The problem that occurs is the possibility of inflammation of the pancreas as a result of excessive consumption of carbohydrates earlier. It is also associated with abnormal heart rhythms.

    "In general, the cause of death of a person during sleep due to heart rhythm problems or also called fatal arrhythmia which can occur in each person," said Ann Ariesca Soenarto, a specialist heart disease and blood vessels of the Harapan Kita Hospital on Monday (18/1).

    Blood clotting

    Frozen blood can certainly hamper the smooth circulation of blood in the human body, because blood thus forming clots. In addition, it can also inhibit the work system in the body. Blood clots can be a hazard when it occurs in the brain or heart. Because it can cause sudden death. Menggumpalnya causes of blood in the brain include the constriction of blood vessels in the brain, head injury, and heavy smokers

    Therefore, monitoring the health of the body on a regular basis are important things to do than keep it. Instead of maintaining a healthy body, it could be three possibilities above are not detected early in your body. (les / les)



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