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    Lorenzo Rudolf Make Art Stage Singapore 'Go International'

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016, January 27, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-27T09:53:36Z
    Art Stage Singapore 2016

    Marina Bay Sands - Lorenzo Rudolf and his wife Maria Elena Rudolf became an important figure behind the success of the mat grand Art Stage Singapore. Edition which has lasted for six time at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention was able to become an international art fair and is now worldwide.
    Photo: Tia Agnes Astuti/detikHOT
    Such as the issue of the participation of an art gallery each year is always increasing. This year, there are 173 art galleries in 34 countries of the world participating. In an interview, Lorenzo said Art Stage Singapore certainly not immune from the increase in art market or art market.

    "Yes, every art fair anywhere, must always think of the art market. Of course the works displayed in the gallery remained on sale. But the art market is not the main issue an art fair," he said to detikhot.

    In 'Art Stage Singapore', Lorenzo focusing on works by artists of Southeast Asia. According to him, the Asian artist has a special place in the exhibition, which he founded in 2010 is.

    "Especially for those who consistently display works of urbanization, environmental, social, and freedom of expression," he said.

    Lorenzo also figure behind the success of a variety of Art Basel in the world. Going forward, he has the vision and mission of the Art Stage Singapore.

    "At Stage into five biggest in the world. So far, Hong Kong and Singapore into two regions competing and location multicultural to display works of art. Art Stage is still young and many have to learn. But, we will become global, I believe that, "said Lorenzo. Lorenzo currently lives and works in Lugano Switzerland and Singapore. In addition to the founder of Art Stage Singapore, he is also art dealers, curators, and art exhibition organizer.(tia / mmu)


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