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    May 2016, Flores will be the center of attention the World Tourist

    Thursday, January 28, 2016, January 28, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-29T03:54:10Z
    Flores Island tourism will be lifted into the world international through the Tour de Flores, 2016. The event will take place on 15-25 May 2016. Wrapped in sport tourism, this event will introduce a variety of tourist destinations on the island of Flores and is expected to repeat the success of the Tour de Singkarak.
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    Tour de Flores 2016 held from Larantuka to Labuan Bajo, There are 5 stages are Stage 1 (Larantuka-Maumere), Stage 2 (Maumere-Ende), Stage 3 (Ende-Bajawa), Stage 4 (Bajawa-Ruteng), stage 5 (Ruteng-Labuan Bajo).

    At each stage, participants will see the tourism potential of the region for example Kelimutu Ende or village of Bena Bajawa.

    Before the race started, the participants will be invited to see the attraction whaling in Lembata, and enjoy the beautiful island of Komodo in the final stage. Total route that will be passed as far as 648 km.

    At the peak of later events, participants will be welcomed a number of ministers and ambassadors. In addition to cycling, Flores residents will also hold cultural attractions, bazaar, and the party of the people in every town through which the participants of the Tour de Flores 2016.

    Participants of the race itself consists of international cyclists are members of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) as many as 20 teams with a total of 200 people, the national cyclists as much as 2 teams with a total of 20 people, and the cyclist NTT many as 10 people who are members of one team.

    Participants overall total is 230 people. Hundreds of international cyclists are invited to enliven competition and promote the beauty of Flores. The plan, which invited the international team from Australia and New Zealand.

    Flores was chosen as the location for sports tourism because it has a tourist attraction that will no doubt. Flores is one of the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Volcanoes that runs along the island creating hills that form the letter V.

    Land surface exhibiting a sharp-pointed soaring grandeur of the hill and the foot of the mountain where it was there dwells a variety of local ethnic groups. The cultural heritage of the stone age tribe Flores will amaze anyone who linger.

    (Source: Ministry of Tourism Sites Indonesia,



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