'Messi Shopping Bags' Will Follow the trail Martunis?

A boy wearing a costume Lionel Messi made of plastic keresek (Twitter)
 Remember Martunis? The boy from NAD is now a foster child Real Madrid player, Cristiano Ronaldo. They met through the tragedy of the tsunami that struck Aceh 2004.

The story began when Martunis was found stranded in Aceh after the tsunami swept swift. When found, Martunis dressed middle national team (national team) Portugal number 10 belongs to the captain Rui Costa. But it is not an official costumes, but the costume 'Abal Abal' aka KW.

This costume is still stored neatly in the closet Martunis until today.

Martunis rescue moments worldwide. The show also attracted the attention of the Portugal national team squad, including Ronaldo. The former Manchester United player was even willing to fly to Aceh to meet directly with Martunis and their relationship continues today.
More recently, the forerunner of Martunis story also re-discovered. A boy who was wearing the costume of the Argentine national team numbered 10 belonged to Lionel Messi has become viral on social networking. His figure is closely watched because the costumes worn bag made keresek.

Can not ascertain the origin of the poor boy. Initially, there were claims 'Messi keresek' comes from Iraq. However, recently the Turkish blogger claimed the boy came from his country.
Not only netizen made curious. As reported by The Sun, the owner of the number, Lionel Messi, also appeared to begin figuring out 'Messi keresek'. "We can DM (direct message) from team Leo (Lionel Messi). They want to know more about the boy's whereabouts so that Leo could plan something for him and spread RT (retweet and spread)," wrote Messi10stats account.

Currently, the search of the whereabouts of the boy is still underway. When completely original, it is not possible Martunis-Ronaldo saga will continue with the story-Messi Messi crackle.source

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