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    Most Expensive Book Belongs to Bill Gates, price is IDR 400 Billion

    Tuesday, January 19, 2016, January 19, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-20T07:35:48Z
    Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the people who love to read. Library in his home filled with various kinds of rare books specially selected by supplying books beliefs.
    The book is the work of the maestro Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Therefore, it is not surprising that Gates is also the richest man in the world who are willing to spend $ 30.8 million or more than IDR 427.7 billion to buy a special book.

    As summarized from Business Insider, Tuesday (01/19/2015), a book called "Codex Leicester" which became the most expensive book in the world after being purchased Gates was actually not a "book" prints, but a journal containing drawings and handwriting of Leonardo da Vinci.

    The Codex Leicester is regarded as the most important part of a series of 30 scientific journals that had been written by Da Vinci's lifetime. In it, Da Vinci detailing matters related to water and the relationship of planet Earth, moon and sun.

    Gates usual opening his precious manuscript was to be seen publicly once a year.

    In the summer in the US last year, the Leicester Codex milirder lend to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and is scheduled to arrive at the North Carolina Museum of Arts in August.

    Before in Minneapolis, Codex Leicester was first on display at the Phoenix Art Museum.

    Fill in your thoughts and ideas of Da Vinci, an artist and a scientist of genius in the Renaissance period, stated in all 72 pages of notes written between 1506 to 1510 was. (VNA)


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