Muslim men are so 'Shield Life' Christians Death
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    Muslim men are so 'Shield Life' Christians Death

    Thursday, January 21, 2016, January 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-22T07:53:20Z
    Nairobi - Salah Farah died on the operating table, Sunday, January 17, 2016. He was only 40 years old. The man left his wife, the World Mohamed, who is pregnant 9 months and 4 young children.
    Salah Farah remembered as a hero for others (Twitter)
    His mother, Amina Sabdow, surprised not to play up unable to speak when he heard news of the death of Farah, who also became a living supporting his extended family.

    However, Farah bequeath a valuable thing for the world that has been exhausted by the conflict. "We are all brothers ...," that's what he repeatedly said when lying in the hospital, suffering from severe injuries due to bullets Taliban.

    At that time, Salah Farah was in the bus that drove on the dusty streets of the village of El Wak, Mandera, a town in northeast Kenya.

    Suddenly, a mob stormed the Al Shabaab. They ordered the passengers Muslims separate themselves from those who are Christians.

    However, Farah against. He did not want to obey the command discriminatory. "Kill us all or leave us'," he said at the invaders.

    "They told us, 'if you're Muslim, it means you're safe," said Farah lifetime to CNN, Thursday (21/01/2016).

    The other passengers were Muslim stance Farah. Die, become human shields, for others.

    Al Shabaab militants finally passed, after releasing the shot that killed two people and wounded three others - including Farah.

    In conditions of severely injured, Farah and other victims were rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital, located in Nairobi.

    Initially, he was expected to recover and be back on January 7, 2016. However, later, his condition worsened. Fate would, he died last weekend.

    Farah's body was flown by police helicopter to his hometown in Madera. He was buried in Islam in general Langata cemetery.

    The mourners from various religious backgrounds come, come to tears and prayers for the deceased. For many Kenyans, also the world, he is a hero to humanity.

    In an interview with Voice of America before his death, Farah says, "People should live together in peace," he said. "

    We are all brothers, just a different religion. So, I asked fellow Muslims to care for the Christian neighbor. Vice versa ... Let us help each other and and peaceful coexistence. "

    One Farah to work in primary schools in Mandera County. University graduate Maasai Mara became the headmaster.

    His death became a funeral for a fellow teacher. Commission teacher offered condolences and promised to help finance the family of the deceased.

    While Mandera County Governor Ali Ibrahim Roba also promised to help the education of children Farah.

    "We hope to save his life, so that he could be a witness of life and be an example as a fellow patron," said Minister of Health of Kenya, Rashidi Mailu.

    "The hospital has been working hard, but the severe injuries he suffered while doing that bold action, experiencing complications Sunday night."

    Kenya has long been terrorized by Al Shabaab. The group initially rampant in southern Somalia, and then declared himself joined al Qaeda in 2012.

    The group then expand terror to Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for a number of acts of violence that killed hundreds of people.

    Rashid Farah, brother Salah, calling on the citizens of the world, to remember what the deceased. Also to pay attention to the bereaved family.

    He added that the death of Farah becomes a role model for Kenyans who are fed by terror, to live together as a nation. Also to coexist harmoniously.source


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