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» » » » » » » » » » » New! Now review applications in Google Play Store can be in-Like

Google Play. © androidcentral
Review of applications in Google Play Store is necessary for many Android users. Before installing an application, check any reviews, whether good or bad, can help users make decisions will perform the installation or not.

Well, Google is now easier to do that with the addition of features 'Like' and 'Spam' in the column of the revised Google Play Store. When you see there is a review that is important or useful, you can affix Like, like on Facebook.
'Like' on the Google Play Store 2016 Phone Arena

Conversely, if there are reviews that are only reproach or annoying, you can knock 3 point icon beside the button 'Like' and then categorized them as 'spam'.
'Spam' in the Google Play Store 2016 Phone Arena

Lastly, you can sort the list based on three requirements review. The first sorted by most recent, most helpful, or at most received a rating (Like). With these features, you can more easily read helpful about the application that you are looking for.
The new features of Google Play Store 2016 Phone Arena. (BBO)

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