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    Nicknamed 'Iron Man', Tawan Makes Robotic Arm Inspired Astro Boy

    Friday, January 22, 2016, January 22, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-22T08:13:46Z
    'Iron Man' From Bali
    Karangasem - Sumardana Wayan, who is familiarly called Tawan popular now dubbed the 'iron man' of Bali. Since the paralysis of his left arm attack six months ago, Tawan start tweaking the brain used goods and junk into the actuator arm that now make it almost like a robot. From where his inspiration?
    Photo: Illustration by Andhika Akbarayansyah
     The nickname 'Iron Man' to Tawan emerge from social media. Site 9GAG, called Tawan is the father of birth 3 with the condition can not afford. Six months ago, his left hand suddenly paralyzed and doctors diagnosed him suffering a stroke. Thanks to its provision of vocational education in the field of mechanical engineering, he created a robotic arm controlled by the brain. So, he must focus once if you want to move the robotic arm mounted on his left hand.

    In 9GAG meme in the mentioned Tawan make everything from used goods, ranging from bicycle spare parts, motorcycles, computers and whatever he encountered. In fact, his left arm is now so much stronger than his right arm.

    AFP then see Tawan and asked about his inspiration to make the robot arm. Laughing out loud, Tawan innocently mentioned that since he was 4 years old inspired by the animated character named "Astro Boy". The age of consent, unexpected admiration Tawan on Astro Boy instead become a major inspiration himself into a human robot. The physical condition of the urgency for moving force themselves to present a form of animation character Astro Boy himself.

    "From the age of 4 years I've been fans of the same once Astro Boy. Not nyangka saking same senengnya Astro Boy even so inspiring me to make this robot hand," said Tawan when talking to AFP on Thursday (01/21/2016).
    Photo: Princess Akmal.

    Tawan-made equipment components ranging from iron buttresses, hydraulic tubes, up to a few wires visible scars. Tawan to design, assemble and connect itself throughout the item. Not only that, he also uses the computer's CPU, dynamos, tuning pot, ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors and sensor number of rounds dynamo.

    "This tool I created for my activities. There are some that I made and some I bought. And I assemble themselves," he said.

    One of the key components, namely sensors EEG (Electro Encephalo Graphic) purchased online from the United States (US) worth USD 4.7 million. He explained that this tool functions via brain sensors mounted on the head that controls the direction of motion to his left hand through a device mounted on his back and his left hand.

    However, these tools make it must expend extra energy. Because, Tawan should really focus and concentrate. Otherwise, the tool will not work normally.

    To smooth motion of the tool, Tawan installing a computer CPU units were installed in the back of his body. Its function as a driver of the sensor head. Tuning pot is a series of input and output processing micro controller.

    "Infrared, ultrasonic sensors, and sensor number of rounds this dynamo is a power amplifier circuit. There is also an EEG. Everything is connected to a dynamo in order to work optimally," he explained.

    "Then there are the drones, electrodes and others. His position is posted in the head as a signal catcher, alpha, delta, beta and theta," he added.

    To move the robot arm, Tawan require 500 voltage electricity. It is derived from the installation of a battery litiumoin. To be able to continue to use, these tools must continue charging the battery. Takes a long time to fill in repeated. Typically, if you do not use Tawan time to recharge the power.

    "If people hold this ya hit stun. But if I own that use these tools do not (shock). Usually at 24.00 the night I charge until 7:00 am. If the strength depending on usage. If you lift weights can be quickly exhausted. If only weld can last longer, "he added. (mad / mad)


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