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    Official already, SIM C No Can Used for All Types of Motor

    Sunday, January 10, 2016, January 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-11T03:05:37Z
    Jakarta - Korlantas Police issued new regulations related to a driver's license (SIM) for bikers (SIM C). Now, not all motorcycle owners pocketed SIM C.
    Driver's test (Photo: Baban Gandapurnama)
    "Information from Korlantas Police, there are new rules. So for SIM C can not be used for all motor starting in May 2016," said City Police Commissioner Dirlantas Risyapudin Nursin told AFP on Sunday (01/09/2016).

    The rules are contained in the Letter of Renewal numbered ST / 2653 / XII / 2015. In the letter, there are two decisions on the classification of SIM C and SIM renewal deadline.

    "SIM C classification rules which came into force May 1, 2016," he said.

    Meanwhile, SIM grouping C is now divided into 3 groups namely SIM C (plain), SIM SIM C1 and C2. 3 Class C driver's license that is classified based on the engine capacity (CC).

    "Later SIM C will consist of three types, namely C, C1, and C2. The plan will be realized in the first quarter of 2016. Most late April 2016," he continued.

    SIM C three groups are as follows:
    SIM C: for motorcycle engine capacity of less than 250 CC
    SIM C1: for motorcycles with a capacity of 250-500 CC
    SIM C2: for motorcycle engine capacity of 500 CC and above.

    "Replacement SIM C with the new class will begin simultaneously February-April 2016," he added.

    In addition to problems of classification SIM C, Korlantas Police also issued a rule about the SIM renewal deadline. Effective January 1, 2016, driving license renewal should not be over the limit to 14 days before the period of validity of the SIM out.

    "Effective January 1, 2016, driving license renewal can be carried out before it expires with a grace period of 14 days before the expiration date," he said.

    Meanwhile, for the SIM holder which expired, can be renewed again does not exceed the time limit of 3 months from the date expires.

    "Through 3 months should make such a new procedure," he added.

    The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) hope it is disseminated in advance to be a material deviation officers in the field.

    "It should be socialized really and if it is in accordance with the law or not, so as not to be a material deviation officers in the field," said Commissioner Kompolnal Edi Hasibuan.

    According to Edi, not all people know how much the engine capacity they have. In addition, the police should also be clear whether the presence of the pengolongan SIM manufacturing cost C1 and C2 are also the same as the SIM C or not.

    "The C1 and C2 for the 250-500 CC to 500 CC and above, it is the big motors must be distinguished from the SIM C plain, well it's not yet clear how much it costs," he explained.

    Edi hopes, with the driver's license classification for this motor does not bother people. "Do not burden the people," he said.

    However, SIM C classification is considered police observers, Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) did not meet the legal aspects.

    "The new rules have no legal force. For SIM matter is regulated in the Act LLAJ," said Chairman of the Presidium of the IPW Netta S Pane.

    According to Netta, the new rule is feared to cause prokontra. Supposedly, revise the Police Act LLAJ before issuing the order.

    "So the rules would be a new problem. If that is going to make the rules should immediately revise the Police Act LLAJ," he said.

    In addition, Netta also highlighted the process of obtaining a driving license that has not been cleared of brokering practices.

    "During this time obtaining a driving license itself is still vulnerable brokering. If the object brokering confirmed the classification performed by police officers more intense," he said.

    Netta went on, the more important now not to make the classification SIM C. It is better to encourage police to enforce driver's license with a validity period of a lifetime.

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