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    Only Earth Pellets Dust in the Universe, Video This proof

    Monday, January 18, 2016, January 18, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-19T02:38:43Z
    Jakarta - In the scheme of the universe, the Earth is only a small point. Insignificant dust grains.
    You just grains of dust in the Earth's diameter is 12,700 km.
    If it's enough to make you feel insignificant, watch this video.
    Knowing how vast and rich universe is one thing. However, knowing the true scale is another.

    Not many human beings who have the opportunity crawl space. However, a video from Business Insider Animation can help you understand it. And make us amazed..

    The video starts by showing the scale of protons, the smallest particle of every atom. Size 1 femtometer (0.000000000000001 meters), and juxtaposed with the carbon atom sized 31 pectometer (0.000000000000031 meters). Furthermore, the carbon atoms coupled to the wavelength of X-rays measuring 500 pectometer.

    Slowly, performing red blood cell size, 7 micrometers (0.000007 meters), followed by the width of a human hair, 100 micrometers.

    Then perform a comparison between ants, 0.4 millimeter and one penny coins, 1.9 cm. Then, the size of a basketball diameter, 24 cm high compared to the average man, of 1.7 meters.
    The width of a human hair. (Photo: Business Insider Animation)
    Human size juxtaposed with the world's largest animal, the blue whale, 30 cm. Then came the Egyptian pyramids comparison, 140 m and the Empire State Building, 443 m. If the video keeps playing, appeared comparison Mount Everest (8.8 km).

    Then, the length of Rhode Island, 75 km, compared with the whole broad area of ​​California, 1,200 km, compared to the diameter of Pluto, 2,300 km.

    There was also a comparison between the planets in the Solar System, such as the planet Mars, 6,800 km, the planet Venus, 12,000 km, and our home planet, Earth, 12,700 km.

    If a different size of Mars, Venus, and Earth was slammed away, the planet's huge compared to the three, with a diameter of 51,000 km. But there is still nothing compared to the ringed planet Neptune, 120,000 km, and Jupiter, 140,000 km.

    But everything looks cute paired with a diameter of 1.4 million km of the sun.

    The most visible star in the constellation Ursa Minor, aka Polaris the North Star also appear, its size 40,000,000 km. Looks tiny juxtaposed with Rigel, the biggest star in the constellation Orion with the size of 97 million.

    Furthermore, the display appears the size of the distance of the earth to Voyager I, 17 billion km. Juxtaposed with the size of the one day of light, 26 billion km, coupled with a light-year, 9,460,000,000,000 km.

    Meanwhile, Earth's nearest star, Proxima Centauri, there is at a distance of 4.2 light years. The star in the cluster Omega Centauri, which covers about 150 light-years, which is small when compared to the Milky Way galaxy, 120,000 light years. Meanwhile, the Andromeda Galaxy, the neighbor of the Milky Way, scale 150,000 light years.
    Milky Way galaxy. (Photo: Business Insider Animation)
    'Proximity' Milky Way and Andromeda is 2,000,000 light years.

    Andromeda and the Milky Way are members of the Virgo Supercluster, which is 30 million light-years total area.

    Meanwhile, the space that is still capable observable universe is 93 billion light years.

    How? Do you still feel significant? Shall the problems you are today worth mess around until dark eyes?

    Watch the video!
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