Panda's picture Make Dizziness Netizen

Jakarta - Optical illusion showing a panda a conversation via social media. A number of netizens feel sad because they can not see the image hidden behind the lines of black and white.

Optical illusion that allegedly shows a panda middle of a crowded into
the conversation through social media. (
According to the report, the images created by an artist of Russian origin named, Ilja Klemencov, to give attention to the endangered animals.

The optical illusion has become viral since uploaded to Reddit.

Given the name 'They can dissapear' or 'they could disappear' images that make an eye sore and hypnotic that allegedly shows the panda logo WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), designed by the founders named Sir Pete Scott in 1961.

Reported by, Monday (18/01/2016) a number of social media users with a response could see the logos of well-known, while others have difficulty.

The article in the Telegraph has given instructions to see these animals. In the article, if you have trouble or feel dizzy looking for a panda that, maybe you should step back and look at the picture from a distance or tilt your head 90 degrees to see the black and white animals. Or more simply again you can close your eyes to see it from a distance.

At the end of last year, netizens also been made busy to look for pandas from other images.
Pictures works Gergely Dudas was displaying a panda among dozens snowman. Picture it makes netizens confused look it up. source

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