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» » » » » » » » » » Police Close Website Selling Fake Fashion Products

Italian police said it has shut down a website selling fake products under the brand Prada, Friday (22/1).
Police have so far not mention the value of the loss suffered by the owner of the brand, but the police acknowledge that website "very sophisticated."

The site serving buyers from around the world and take advantage of the 90 service electronic payment methods, as well as display images Prada products are also sold in official stores Prada.

Police identified the perpetrator is in the Loire region, France, and then registering the site in the Netherlands and using a server located in the UK.

The counterfeit products are made in Guangdong, China. and sent via international courier from Hong Kong. They do not want to perform before the buyer pays the shipping.

"Although these products are very mutually agree in every detail, but it is not authentic. Those fake products are made, "wrote the Italian police in a statement.

In proving the falsity of such products, the police requested the assistance of experts from the fashion house in Milan. (adt)

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