Porridge Seller Success Story of Changing the Fate became a Billionaire

His father was a coffee farmer while his mother was a housewife who never even felt the school.
Jakarta - A young man from India managed to change his fate and went on to become a millionaire at his young age. Born in a village in Kerala, India, P.C Mustafa large family very simple.
His father was a coffee farmer while his mother was a housewife who never even felt the school.
But thanks to the hard work and effort that does not know surrender, Mustafa capable of running a company to obtain a turnover of trillions of rupiah.
"My company is able to achieve the valuation of 1 billion rupees (IDR 206 billion) in October last year. Currently we are able to achieve a turnover of up to 1.2 rupees (IDR 247 million) with production of 50,000 a day, and employees who have reached 1,100 people in 10 years "Mustafa said while showing his best smile.

Launch page gulfnews.com, Tuesday (19/01/2016) Mustafa toward success story turned out to be not an easy matter. This young man must be willing to drop out of school when elementary school to help his father provide for the family.

Had Dropout

Having decided to leave school, Mustafa lost interest and decided to learn to live with the help of his father in the fields.
But apparently fate would. His teacher at school, Mathew Sir, advised him to re-enter the school to continue studying. He was finally back demanding studies to be able to get a scholarship to study at one of the prestigious universities in India, the National Institute of Technology.
After graduating with a satisfactory value, Mustafa had worked in a multinational bank in Dubai. But he eventually decided to return to my hometown in order be able to spend more time with his family and can benefit the surrounding community.

Got the Idea Entrepreneurial

After returning to India, Mustafa returned to the academic world by taking the S2 in management from the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore. In addition to lectures, he often spent his weekends to visit the traditional markets along with some cousins. Not unexpectedly, that's where he got his business idea.
Together with some cousins ​​he had seen many housewives who bought seasoning raw dough to be processed into food Dosa. Sin is traditional Indian food that is usually served as a snack. Seasoning dough is usually only sold retail in plastic in some traditional markets in India.

Seeing this, Mustafa decided to pack the spice mixture to be better so it can be enjoyed more easily.
At first, Mustafa and several cousins ​​just make some kind of dough samples which they then sell on the scooter from house to house. Who would have thought this effort was able to grow very large.
Expansion into the Middle East
Under the banner ID Fresh, Mustafa and several cousins ​​managed to climb the ladder of success to the company.

Now, ID Fresh able to produce 50 thousand kg of flavoring the dough a day that they can export to the Middle East countries like Dubai and Kuwait. In addition to the middle east ID Fresh also supplies the dough into several regions of India like Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Sharjah. (Vna / NRM)

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