Reading Allegiance Mayor Appointment Somersworth AS using Indonesian

For the first time, a faithful reading of the pledge (pledge of allegiance) Mayor of Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA, also made from Indonesian. Reading pledge allegiance to the Indonesian indicate good relations between the two countries.
Appointment of Mayor Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA, Thursday (01/07/2016).
Photo: Doc. Indonesia Consulate General in New York
Taking the oath of office the mayor of Somersworth, Dana S Hilliard was conducted on Thursday (7/1) at room Somersworth City Hall. Reading ALLEGIANCE in Indonesian read by Abigail Johan, secondary school students Somersworth.

In addition to the ranks of Somersworth city officials, attended the Governor of the State of New Hampshire Senator Margaret Hassan and State of New Hampshire, David H. Waters.
Photo: Doc. Indonesia Consulate General in New York
Consulate General in New York, represented by Consul Pensosbud Benny YP Siahaan was present as a special guest of the Mayor Hilliard known to be close to the Indonesian community in Somersworth. Indonesia is the only foreign representatives were present at the event.

In a press release Consulate General in New York, on Friday (08/01/2016), the mayor's oath pledging loyalty is also done with the French. Somersworth residents are mostly descendants of French.

In the last 3 years of cooperation between the city government Somersworth, New York consulate, community Indonesia very closely in developing and introducing Indonesia in Somersworth.

After the event, Hilliard also spent time with the Consul Pensosbud RI and Diaspora Indonesia were present to discuss and take pictures together. Consul provides batik shirts as souvenirs congratulations on your appointment.

The Consul General also expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Hilliard for your attention and support to the people of Indonesia in Somersworth, amounting to around 500 people.
Photo: Doc. Indonesia Consulate General in New York
Hilliard expressed gratitude for the gift and the cooperation and support given by the community Indonesia Consulate General in New York. He even promised to wear batik given during the celebration of the election of the mayor to be held in February 2016.(FDN / FDN)

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