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    Rocked the World Tennis Scandal Score Settings

    Sunday, January 17, 2016, January 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-18T07:32:59Z
    Jakarta - Coinciding with the first day of the Australian Open, the tennis world was rocked by scandal after it emerged indication betting syndicate from Russia and Italy set the score at Wimbledon.
    Wimbledon betting syndicate claimed to have infiltrated from Russia and Italy. (Reuters / Andrew Barker)
    It is estimated that one of the top 50 players who will appear at the Australian Open often set the first result set. Tennis authorities also claimed to have evidence of the scandal, but never acted.

    The claim was based on data leaked one of the people in the BuzzFeedNews and the BBC, along with the analysis of gambling activity of 26 thousand games over the last seven years.

    Both media claims tennis authorities do not want to crack down on match-fixing network involving 16 players.

    The accusation was immediately denied by the President of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Chris Kermode.

    "It is not true if we currently have evidence. There is a big difference between information and evidence. I can assure that the tennis world not underestimate this problem," says Kermode as reported by the Daily Mirror.

    "The presumption tennis world did not respond to allegations that it is ridiculous. We are aware there is a problem it is, but I think it all happened only small in scope."

    Kermode was disappointed the issue of fixing it happened just moments before the big tournaments like the Australian Open starts. However, the former British convinced Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) can cope with the alleged fixing it properly.

    "Very disappointing when news came as it was towards the beginning of a great event," said Kermode as reported by Reuters. "But we believe TIU did everything they were able to resolve this issue."

    Kermode also claims TIU investigation never yielded sanctions against 18 players, of whom six lifetime sanction prohibited from engaging in the world of tennis. (VWS)



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