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    Ships 'Destroyer' Made PAL Could Destroy Submarines and Fighter Jet

    Sunday, January 17, 2016, January 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-18T07:28:35Z
    Jakarta - Ship war type of Guided Missile Frigate / Missile Destroyer Escort (PKR) cooperation between PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) and Damen, The Netherlands has some ability to combat capable.

    The destroyer has four combat capabilities. The first is the ability of the surface warfare. With torpedoes and missiles, PKR could sink an enemy warship.

    Another function is the surface-to-air warfare. Weapons of PKR can ravage an enemy fighter jet or plane.

    "This ship can be enabled for submarine warfare that sank the submarine," said Director of PAL, Firmansyah Arifin, to detikFinance, Monday (01/18/2016).

    The fourth is the electronic warfare capability. With electronic equipment, PKR works PAL and Damen can hijack or doing jammer against weapons systems and the control of enemy warship.

    "War of electronics it more sophisticated. For example missiles are controlled electronically. If the ship is in-jammer, we can not control the missile us. It's like a fighter, when it is locked, then fine can not doing anything," he added.

    PKR made in PAL has a length of 105 meters and width of 14 meters. This ship can be shot at a speed of 28 knots. When operating, PKR can carry 120 crew.(feb / dnl)


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