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    So the 'King of the Road', Johan Budi wounds to become Attention Women

    Sunday, January 10, 2016, January 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-11T03:44:58Z
    The Other Side Figures, Johan Budi
    Johan Budi (Photo: Hasan Alhabshy /detikFOTO)
     Jakarta - As the 'king of the road', Johan Budi youth can not be separated from an interest in the opposite sex. Various methods are used to gain the attention of a female friend.

    During high school, young Johan never out of Suzuki GP 100 has always been the flagship ride. By slightly modifying his motor, the hero of street trying to attract the attention of a female friend.

    "The bike I used the Suzuki GP 100, but the muffler has been replaced, continue to the carburetor made more extravagant. Pull Tight, his opponent RX King so. It used to be dashing right it seems, judging by my friends high school girl was dashing correct it, as if cool," said Johan relaxed when talking some time ago.

    As a street hero who wants to always get the attention of the opposite sex, Johan was always active 'race'. Toll roads in Surabaya become 'circuits' racing at the time.
    Johan Budi (Photo: Hasan Alhabshy /detikFOTO)
    Laughing former KPK spokesman that tells the adolescent delinquency. Wild racing, driving without a license and betting for the sake of adrenaline peaked lived when young blood.

    "My junior high school was on a motorcycle, yet have a license it. It used to be the not tight-tight so. Then a wild race in high school. I feel it is not stubborn but expression of youth have, rather than for drinking, my obstinate yes the bike," Gomez ,

    Racing in the wrong place and without standard security tool is certainly very dangerous. In fact, young Johan ever had a severe accident while racing. However, the name alone young people, the accident did not make spirits to return to race faded.

    "Yes I really like to race, but not professionally yes. Never until the accident fitting the track-trekkan, until cracks, but still race again. His name is happy," she remembers with a faraway look.
    Johan Budi graduate S1 Gas and Petrochemical Engineering UI and had become researchers oil. From 2005 to 2015 Johan career at the Commission. A month before his term as Chairman of the Commission is complete, Johan decided to come back to buy a motorcycle. The choice fell on the KTM Duke which can now be driving at will.
    Photo: Hasan Alhabshy / detikcom-Illustration: Mindra Purnomo
    "Some time ago I bought the bike again. My plans are not yet done with media friends were touring with this bike," said Johan, showing the flagship motorcycle.source


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