Solar Eclipse 1901 tourist Ease Given Much, How 2016?

Jakarta - Dutch East Indies government take advantage of a rare moment of a total solar eclipse May 18, 1901 for attracting tourists and scientists to the archipelago. They formed a committee that prepares eclipse observation purposes of this rare natural phenomenon.
Photo: Mindra Purnomo
This committee prepares weather forecasts for instance tourist destination eclipse. Bamboo huts thatched established to accommodate the eclipse expedition team and its equipment.

People from America and Europe touted stunned by the expertise of local residents built shacks without nails it. At that time the Dutch government to deploy prisoners made to build the hut and the path to the location of the observation.

It seems that the colonial government had anticipated the high interest because of the eclipse when it somewhat special. "There is a period of observation of the sun long enough, total 6.5 minutes," said James W. Gould in the book Americans in Sumatra, which was published in 1961.

At that time the railway company also eliminate ticket for eclipse expedition team. At that time carrying hundreds of astronomers and his entourage came among others from the United States, Netherlands, France, and Russia.

Dutch shipping company, KPM, also provide discounted tickets for tourist eclipse, particularly scientists. During the cruise who ate at least two months, the company is not charging transport equipment that weighs in at over a ton of it.

AA Nijland of Utrecht, Netherlands, the report tells the eclipse expedition on the ship SS Koningin Regentes the host existing American and British astronomers who also intends to Sumatra. Nijland noted, there was a gala dinner on the boat the day before arriving in Padang. "The trip was very enjoyable and we sail while observing astronomical phenomena," he said.

Will this tourist facility pampering repeated in a total solar eclipse in 2016? Eclipse crossed by the regional government is preparing the observation location and has been designing miscellaneous events.

What is clear, is preparing to eclipse tourists to Indonesia. "The area that skipped path (eclipse), the hotel-his hotel many are already full, since travel agencies offer travel packages (eclipse)," said Head of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) Thomas Djamaluddin.(oct / oct)

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