Southeast Asian Artists Increasingly Exist at Art Stage Singapore 2016

Held on January 21 to 24 next, Art Stage Singapore has lasted six time. And for the first time the latest project of Southeast Asia Forum will be held in the event of contemporary art.
Doc.Art Stage Singapore 2016
Ng Nadia program managers hope this session will lead to a positive debate in the realm of contemporary art. "This forum is actually reminiscent of what was the role of artists and how artists play in society. It is not normally seen," said Ng.

The concept of a forum of Southeast Asia, he said, was never introduced at the Art Stage Singapore two years ago. "There are 10 artists who will join the commission project. Many of them also work that reflects the problems of urbanization," he said.

Forum and art exhibitions will highlight the role of the artist as a necessary pillar for the seismograph, economic development, political culture, and community life.

"Southeast Asia became the focus since become a flagship in Hong Kong Art Basel, Art Basel Hong Kong into a global flagship art fair in Asia," he said.

Stage Singapore art was constantly attracted participants from many other countries. Such as Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki, Aspan Gallery in Kazakh, The UAE's Gallery Ward, Giorgio Persano Italian dealers, gallery X-ist from Turkey, and Hafez Gallery of Saudi Arabia.

Here's the full list of artists in Southeast Asia Forum:
1. Aliansyah Caniago (Indonesia) / LAWANGWANGI
2. Felix Bacolor (Philippines) / ARTINFORMAL
3. Chong Kim Chiew (Malaysia) / WEI-LING GALLERY
4. Tiffany Chung (Vietnam / USA) / GALERIE Quynh
5. Lim Sokchanlina (Cambodia) / SA SA Bassac
6. Moe Satt (Myanmar)
7. Uudam Tran Nguyen (Vietnam) / SAN ART
8. Aditya Novali (Indonesia) / ROH PROJECTS
9. Sherman Ong (Malaysia / Singapore) / IKKAN ART GALLERY
10. Anon Pairot (Thailand) / NUMTHONG GALLERY
11. Piyarat Piyapongwiwat (Thailand) / LYLA GALLERY
12. Navin Rawanchaikul (Thailand) / YAVUZ GALLERY
13. Norberto Roldan (Philippines) / TAKSU
14. Sutthirat Supaparinya (Thailand) / LEO GALLERY
15. Marvin Tang (Singapore) / 2902 GALLERY
16. Tintin Wulia (Indonesia / Australia) / OSAGE GALLERY
17. MM Yu (Philippines) / MO_SPACE
18. Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore) / 2902 GALLERY
19. Zoncy (Myanmar) / intersections.

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