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    Suicide Blast in Istanbul Resulted Foreign Tourists Fears

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016, January 13, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-14T03:11:45Z
    Istanbul - Istanbul explosion shocked many tourists on holiday to Turkey. Hoping to enjoy the scenic beauty of Istanbul, the tourists even got a terrible sights.
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    "This is the first time I felt fear when on holiday," said a tourist from France, Nathalie Julien, who was on vacation to Istanbul, as reported by AFP on Wednesday (13/01/2016).

    "I do not believe anything like this happen here, in the heart of Istanbul. It feels like you are invited to someone's home, was treated very well, and suddenly, you are attacked. I just want to go home now, frightening," he added.

    Turkish authorities confirmed that 10 people, mostly Germans, were killed in a bomb explosion that triggered the suicide. While around 15 others were injured, including some tourists from Germany and Norway.

    The explosion occurred in the bustling tourist district of Sultanahmet foreign tourists. Residents of Germany itself are often on holiday to Turkey. Recorded in November 2015, there were approximately 258 613 German tourists who vacation in Turkey. Meanwhile, between January and November last year, there are about 5.4 million Germans vacation in Turkey.

    Some tourists still visit the museum and restaurant a few hours after the explosion occurred on Tuesday (12/1) local time, said he was still shocked. Couple of tourists from the Czech Republic, Zdenek and Eva equally 60 years old, admitted intending to spend the day with lazing around Sultanahmet area, but they instead heard a loud explosion that made people panic.

    "I've come to Istanbul before, several times, and always thought that this place is very safe, but it seems now there is no safe place anymore," said Zdenek.

    While a tourist who was also a student from Hungary, Adrienn Martin, calls himself lucky to choose to visit the Grand Bazaar with her lover, and not hang around Sultanahmet Square, near her hotel. Women 28 years was admitted twice escaped from the deadly incident after passing of the 2004 tsunami while on vacation to India. "I'm scared. It could have been us," he said.

    Other tourists from Australia, Stefan, admitted free to re-visit Istanbul after this incident. "I have just come out of the hotel when I heard the explosion. I thought our hotel was bombed. Seeing all the news, I feel free to visit Istanbul because of the risk of terror. My fear becomes real," he said. (NVC / ita)


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