Teach Zidane Ronaldo Free Kick

The new situation the effect of the presence of Zinedine Zidane as the new coach of Real Madrid is not just a hoax. It actually happens both in the locker room and in the training session of Real Madrid.
Zinedine Zidane © AFP
The latest example occurred in Madrid training session held on Wednesday (20/1) local time.

Based on the report SportYou, Zidane involved training session with Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick. "Watch and learn the way I did the free kick," joked Zidane in the Ronaldo.

Both then agreed to compete skill in conducting executions dead ball. Each gets a chance to do ten-kick. The result? Zidane won over Ronaldo.

Ronaldo only able twice to direct the ball to the target. While Zidane called more than Ronaldo result.

Laughter broke out in the training session. For the losing side, Ronaldo should be punished. Ronaldo must carry Zidane style games like a rocking horse. (spy / asa)

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