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» » » » » » The world awaits grand duel giant combat robot Japan Vs USA

Megabot USA, US robotics company, challenging duel Kuratas giant combat robots Mecha, Japanese rival company. This challenge was part of a large corporate robot Uncle Sam.

Japanese Giant Robot Vs America. BBC
Japanese Giant Robot Vs America. BBC
The game itself will be held next year. World public enthusiastically awaits Like the game we often encounter only on the screen.

Megabot USA alone, in the last year, has just completed his giant combat robot project. Megabot combat robots estimated value of USD 1.8 million or equivalent to Rp 24 billion.

According to the BBC, Wednesday (8/7), founder Kuratas Mecha Kogoro Kurata undertakes the challenge, with video displays that respond to the challenges of America.

"Giant Robot is a culture of Japanese culture, we will not allow any other nation to win this game," said Kuratas in videonya.Pertandingan will be loaded with shot and bullets whistling paint.

This initial video robot challenge America:

Then, this reply from Japan:

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