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    These 3 Mistakes that Make Bathing Leather Moaning

    Monday, January 18, 2016, January 18, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-19T03:47:40Z
    A man recently claimed that he deliberately did not shower for 12 years. (Live Science)
    Cleaveland - Perhaps many people are not aware of the bath routine, we would have damaged the skin. Soap to 'lure' make the skin soft, was not able to prevent dry, itchy, and even human skin abrasions.

    For some people, it becomes a dilemma, whether to remain to continue routine activities, stop, or change the soap without perfume and skin friendly.

    However, replacing the soap just not be the answer, as well as to stop bathing. Apparently, after further examined, although soap plays an important role, it turns out there are mistakes in the bath.

    Here are 3 ways shower that makes our skin is damaged, as reported by ABCNews, Sunday, January 17, 2016.

    1. Water Too Hot
    Dry and itchy skin? Water that is too hot may cause.

    "Understand it too hot water is not only felt by the skin, but visible also from the steam of the shower water. Although the skin does not feel, it is a sign that in fact the water was too hot," said Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist from the Cleveland Clinic.

    In addition to making the skin dry, hot water can cause eczema. Dr. Melissa suggest how to arrange a fitting warm water to the skin.

    "First, turn on the hot water tap first. Make the bathroom feel as hot as you want to. Then after sufficient dew, attach the hot water faucet in position to a minimum. You can still feel the sensation of warm water without damaging the skin."
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    Another suggestion is when you want to shower with warm water, just 10 minutes, according to the University of Iowa. For the recommended temperature of not more than 49 degrees Celsius. Limiting hours of bath and set the temperature not only makes the skin awake, but also ... save on electricity bills!

    Not too often a warm bath. May be made as long as necessary. While soaking, not for too long as a warm bath instead aggravate dry skin.

    2. Soap Too Hard
    Most of us are happy with skin that feels 'slippery' of the effects of soap - not to mention the lure of anti-bacterial soap. However, it turns out the soap as it makes the skin more and more miserable.
    Slippery sensation precisely because the natural oils that the skin is owned fade due to chemical soap. The anti-bacterial soap containing triclosan substances that have been banned by the authority of the US pharmaceuticals or FDA. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the maximum levels of triclosan is 0.3 percent, according to BPOM.

    Dr. Piliang even suggest not to use anti-bacterial soaps also soap without artificial fragrances.

    Make a habit of wearing a moisturizing cream after bathing. According to Dr. Piliang, in addition to 'lock' the good bacteria that do not shed, also moisturizing cream to keep the skin supple. Avoid moisturizers containing perfume for those with allergies and are already in contact eczema.

    3. Rubbing Too Tight
    Unless it is just working hard and in the open air and super dirty body, rubbing the skin allowed. But if not, there was no need of our skin exposed to rubbing of SCRUBER.
    From now on, before the bath, rub the skin using a special brush.

    "What needs to be cleaned are the armpits and genital area and buttocks. The rest is basically not necessary," explains Dr. Piliang again.

    "The skin already contains natural oils. There are 'good' bacteria in it that we always healthy skin. Rubbing from head to toe will only reduce the good bacteria, thus allowing us actually affected by acne and eczema," said Dr. Piliang.

    Try not to rub the body with a towel, let alone too hard.

    "Pat, it's enough. If we scrub again it will make the skin more miserable and more damaged," he said.source


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