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This Hijabers Malaysia's First Advanced Acrobatics with Motorcycle

Jakarta - As time, the modern woman is getting to explore themselves. They can explore the potential within themselves, although sometimes it is not unthinkable. As performed by Ilia Iryani Shuib, Malaysia hijabers first candidate do acrobatics motors.
Photo: Dok. The Star/ANN
Ilia is known to work as usual stuntwoman replace the main character while doing harm scenes in action movies. He is also the only woman and was kept in Movie Animation Park Studios' (MAPS) Stunt Training Academy, Perak, Malaysia. By attending classes at Ilia MAPS then be certified as an internationally accredited stuntwoman.

Reporting from Asia One, Ilia that she never thought would be acrobats previous motor. He never had a passion in that field. But women who graduated from the department of marine biology at the University of Science, Penang, Malaysia was able to change direction because he never wasted any opportunity given to him.

Women 29 years tells that he is the type of person who never waste the opportunity in front of him, including when it was offered to be a stunt bike. Ilia believe that women have an incredible ability and can do anything as long as the focus.

Bids become a stuntwoman began when he was appointed as one of the administrators of campus events. At that time Ilia must find sponsors, one motorcycle parts company, RK-M.

After meeting with representatives from the company, Elis managed not only to get a sponsor but also offered to learn to do a stunt with his bike. He had hesitated because it had never done it before, but finally decided to try it.

"He (the representative of RK-M) offering to train me in a few weeks apparently I actually can do the stunt basis. He was impressed and asked me to join his team, I agreed. I do not know why I said yes. I think I was able to drive a motorcycle since the age of 18 years but just to travel not perform acrobatics, "the story of a woman who is now 11 years into stunt riding.

Ilia currently has mastered a variety of actions on a motorcycle as stoppie or front wheelie, where the rear wheels lifted by playing the front brake. It can also drive a motorcycle with the front wheel or called wheelie. Not only that, another action that has mastered the burnout, the rear wheel is rotated 360 degrees and cause smoke.

Because it has mastered several techniques, Ilia also believed to play in some local action movies. He has also been involved in a movie titled 'Adnan Narrow 2' as a substitute during a motorcycle stunt.

"Stunt riding has become my passion. What's better than a career according passion? I'm sure I could do it. I want to learn and train hard until I can be the best," said Ilia.

Ilia is now being focused training in popular stuntman Stunt Academy owned Australian Cameron Ambridge who often played in Hollywood films such as 'Mad Max: Fury Road'.

Cameron said Ilia have good skills and can be a professional stuntwoman. He was also able to learn quickly. "Ilia learn quickly and listen to each session well. With that he could be a professional motorcycle stunt," said Ilia.(ays / ays)

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