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    This is the reason why the baby should be dressed in cloth diapers

    Sunday, January 10, 2016, January 10, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-11T04:13:56Z
    Diapers is one of the major needs in baby clothes. To prevent the baby's urine and feces seeping out, the use of disposable diapers, especially in infants is common. But it turns out the use of disposable baby diapers is actually have a negative effect on the baby, it is recommended to use the fabric. Reporting from Boldsky, these five reasons why you should choose to use cloth diapers on your baby.
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    1. Cheaper

    Cloth diapers in infants has a cheaper price compared to disposable diapers. You simply buy cloth diapers once and use it in a long time. While disposable diapers should be discarded when it is used.

    2. Does not have the size

    Unlike the disposable diapers, cloth diapers do not have the size and can be used by babies of all sizes and ages. This cloth diapers can of course be used for a long time start your child was a few days until it is big enough. Besides these diapers can also be saved and passed on as to have more children.

    3. Washable

    Cloth diapers can be washed easily and does not require special treatment. Just clean of residual dirt or water to clean the baby's art and then wash as usual as in other clothes. Furthermore, after washing the baby's diaper is ready for use again.

    4. Does not cause skin problems

    One problem that often arises with the use of disposable diapers is the problem of skin rashes in babies. This problem arises because the surface of disposable diapers that do not allow for the baby's skin to breathe with relief. In addition the use of chemicals in disposable diapers is also one of the causes for the occurrence of this. On the use of cloth diapers, this does not happen because the fabric is more natural and has pores pretty good.

    5. Facilitate when the train baby pee

    Problem often encountered with the use of cloth diapers is a perk when the baby urinate. But the problem is precisely the one who can make train your child to know when defecating. Of course this can be done when your child already has a considerable age.

    So it was five reasons to begin replacing the disposable diaper on your child with cloth diapers.source


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