This way Naim Bahrun Prospective Recruit Terrorists

Jakarta - Bahrun Naim known as a master hacker never worried blog or personal website attacked by an opponent or is blocked by the government. Bahrun thought to be the actor behind the bombings in the area of ​​Jalan MH Thamrin, Thursday (14/1).
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Bahrun known to have the ability in the field of information and technology (IT). Men from Solo, Central Java, it also has its own way of recruiting terrorists.

Such as AFP can see from his personal blog on Monday (1/18/2016), which is now no longer accessible, Bahrun recruited in various ways. One of them in a way that calls the command cell system.

Bahrun command cell system according to a system that is currently very popular, especially because of the success achieved in some of the operations of the Islamic Daula seize the city of Mosul. These systems are not united by a command that should be kept in touch, but united in a command that is bound to manhaj (the rules of the group) and the purpose of the group itself.

While Bahrun write down five ways in terms of recruitment of potential terrorists. Among them, the team, specify a target, specify the type of amaliah, specify the type of weaponry, and determine the final result.

"Create a team-mu, a maximum of 5 people. The tasks are divided from one another according to his ability. Optimize each task preoperative (amaliah). Mutual guard the spirit, and faith includes remind you that keeping the intention, to maintain sincerity and keeping away from kemaksiyatan, "Bahrun wrote in his blog.

"Determine the target amaliah. Who operating targets? How many targets? How much effect? ​​What loss is received by the target? And others," he continued.

While this type of amaliah is in the form of an attack on the headquarters taghout (god besides Allah), kidnapping, murder, or something else. Amaliah types will also be influenced by the target's ability to defend himself (target resistance).

"This type of weaponry is often the reason for a weak faith to charity. Where do we get guns? How can we get grenades? And a myriad of other questions that sometimes exhaled by jassus who infiltrated the midst of the Muslims," ​​said Bahrun in his personal blog.

While the end result is all the objectives of our intentions. Or by Bahrun order to get rizqi martyrdom.

"Of course between these two things, there are several things that must be realized. For example, if we managed to carry out the operation and stay alive and qadarullah a fugitive. So we have to understand that the operation should not be stopped. It should continue to carry out all operations in accordance what is around us , "lid Bahrun.

There has been no official statement from the government that ensures that blogs are really belongs Bahrun Naim. But after the attack on the road Thamrin Thursday, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology site blocking.source

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