Van Gaal Will Not Sure MU Fasting League title as Liverpool
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    Van Gaal Will Not Sure MU Fasting League title as Liverpool

    Saturday, January 16, 2016, January 16, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-16T08:17:30Z
    Manchester - Louis van Gaal mention Manchester United is in transition. But Van Gaal believes MU will not fasting Premier League title so long as Liverpool.
    Photo: Getty Images/Clive Brunskill
    It has been more than two decades Liverpool did not win the Premier League. The last time the Reds finished league champions are in season 1989/1990 or 26 years ago.

    MU itself is the most successful team in the Premier League with a total of 20 titles. The last title won by the 'Red Devils' when it was handled Sir Alex Ferguson in the 2012/2013 season.

    But after the death of Sir Alex, Manchester United trouble compete at the top. Two seasons ago, under the direction of David Moyes who was later replaced by Ryan Giggs ahead of the end of the season, MU only finish seventh. While Van Gaal last season only able to bring Wayne Rooney et al. back to the top four.

    This season, Manchester United had to enliven the competition at the top. But the disappointing results in the last few games make them slump to sixth place of the standings with 34 points, nine points ahead of Arsenal.

    Van Gaal admitted that MU is being in transition. However, ahead of the trip to Anfield on Sunday (17/1), he considered MU just takes patience and do not need to panic will pass through a long phase of fasting titles like Liverpool.

    "I'm part of the transition so I can not imagine it will happen to Manchester United," said Van Gaal told Sky Sports.

    "When it happens in Liverpool that could happen to Manchester United, but I can not see him because we were walking on the right path, but maybe it will take a longer time."

    "But I can not imagine it will be the same fasting title to Manchester United. Manchester United is too big, well organized, and we have the infrastructure and we fix it every year," he said.(nds / nds)


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