Veil in British Schools Can Make Poor Ratings

Photo: BBC Magazine
Sean Coughlan

Education Correspondent

Head of Ofsted, the regulatory body English school, Sir Michael Wilshaw told the overseers of education in the UK they can give bad assessment of the schools that allow the use of face veil.

Sir Michael said the inspector can assess the school as inadequate if wearing a face veil-like Part of followers of Islam in the Middle-East are considered 'hamper learning.'

British Education Minister Nicky Morgan said the decision on the veil is taken for uniform policy of each school.

Sir Michael says he wants to give 'full support' to the principal who wants to impose a ban on the use of the veil.

The Ministry of Education said that "clearly the right thing" that if the veil interfere with the learning process, Ofsted must take action.

But the Muslim Council of Britain said Ofsted do not need to 'boasting in the media to show his power.'

The leaders of school principals said that the supervisors also should not judge schools on school dress code.

But the head of Ofsted said he was worried that some principals 'under pressure' to loosen the face veil ban on the use, either for staff or pupils.(nwk)

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