Vietnam People's Grief over Death of Endangered Turtles

Hanoi - A turtle that has become a symbol of the liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people dead. People communist country was in mourning.
Photo by AFP
By AFP on Wednesday (20/01/2016), these reptiles are extremely rare and almost extinct. Turtles are included in this type of tortoise shell software giant.

The animal has a key role in world mythology Vietnam. In the old days, they appear very rarely seen on the surface, but when it came, he believed would bring good luck.

Some researchers believe, there are only four tortoise shell software giant in the world. Two are in China and the rest in a river near Hanoi.

Especially for a dead turtle, found in Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi region. Similarly, information from local media Tuoi Tre.

The tortoise weighs 200 kg and was estimated to be 80 to 100 years.

Social Media in Vietnam was in mourning. Not a few even speculated that the death of the tortoise is a bad sign for the government of Vietnam, which will soon change its leader.

"This is bad news for many in Hanoi," local media reported.

In the legend of Vietnam are often taught to children, turtle of Hoan Kiem sacred is sacred sword belonged to jail Le Loi, rebel leaders in Vietnam in the 15th century against the invaders from China. Although Vietnam is dominated by atheists, but they really believe in superstitions.

"I felt very empty. The children and my grandchildren will only know the tortoise of legend," said one commentator Duong Nguyen.

News of the death of the turtles had many reported but suddenly stopped requested by the communist government. Now, the dead turtles were kept in a temple on a small island near the lake. The plan, the tortoise will be preserved.(Mad / NWK)

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