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    VW Combi Longest from Indonesia So Spotlight Media World

    Monday, January 18, 2016, January 18, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-19T02:45:09Z
    Semarang - A modifier named Wahyu Pamungkas from Semarang successfully created a 'limousine' on the basis of the VW Combi minibus. Vehicles with a length of 7.6 meters is said to be the world's longest Combi.
    VW Combi creation of Wahyu Pamungkas could contain more than 20 people in it.
    Fruit of the creativity of this Wahyu Pamungkas international media seized British Daily Mail. Media highlights the success of Revelation successful revive old minibus icons among hippies in the form of stunning. According to the Daily Mail, the length modifier VW Combi creation 30 years old has reached three times the tiny Smart car which is only 2.6 meters.

    Minibus with real names Volkswagen Type 2 is able to accommodate 20 passengers. VW Combi longest to build this, Revelation is assisted by 30 employees in his shop with more than a year.

    The longest VW Combi is constructed by using two chassis together. Further, Revelation also do engine swaps or swap the default engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters to 2.0 liters so as to cope with an increasingly heavy weight of the vehicle.

    In addition, the rear axle is incremented by one to adjust the dimensions of the vehicle. Explained, the cost of modifications made by male fanatics VW reaches more than 20 thousand pounds sterling or IDR 400 million.

    VW Combi 7.6 meters along this is not the first created by Revelation. In 2009 he had created the VW Kombi along 6.9 meters. The car is then sold to Australia for 11,200 pounds sterling, or approximately IDR 222.64 million.
    For information, VW Type 2 began producing in the 1950s. This minibus finally stopped production in 2013 and due to safety concerns, which are not yet supported Combi airbags and antilock braking systems. Brazil is a country that produced the last generation Combi or Type 2.source


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