Want Successful and Rich As Warren Buffet, Hobbies Run It

Many people want to be rich as one of the world's billionaire Warren Buffett. To be like today, it's 85-year-old started his business with a capital of US $ 6 thousand or Rp 86 million. Of the capital he had in his youth was, Buffet now includes the richest man in the world.
Warren Buffett was successful for not dealing with wealth and money.
Everybody particular investor wants to follow Buffet, how he is doing business. Such as alerts from cheatseet.com, Sunday (01/10/2016), Buffett recently invested money abroad makes financial analysts around the world ask why every Buffett made a step in the stock market effect will be enormous.
That's how Buffett investment gain, he has a certain strategy to add money from time to time. Buffett has always said that the success factors are investing for the long term and not move for a temporary purpose, of the daily momentum or the like.

Many people who imitate the success of Warren Buffett, but the problem is many people who do not have much money to invest. It makes others menggaali fundamental strategy and follow Buffett habits.
All asked, let alone Buffet habits that can be followed in order to be successful like him? Turns Buffet is a kutubuku. 80 percent of the time spent reading. This can be done everyone without large capital.

"Look at my job basically just reading to get more information and facts that exist in the world," Buffett said.
By taking all the information and knowledge, he can use it to get a lot of money. Because Buffett knows, how and what he must do to get wealth. (APR / Zul)

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