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    Want to Study Medicine free? Please register to UNPAD

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016, January 27, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-27T09:48:30Z
    Jakarta - Create new students who want to study medicine for free can join the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad). There are 250 seats available for those interested in a free lecture. Requirement is easy, simply pass the test.
    Photo: dok.Unpad.ac.id
    According to the Rector, Tri Hanggono Achmad, as quoted from page unpad.ac.id, Wednesday (01/27/2016), the faculty will accept 250 students with details of SNMPTN 125 and 125 of the track SBMPTN.

    "All students accepted through the selection of the two lines will be free to use the cost of college through scholarships issued by the local government of 27 city / regency in West Java and scholarships from various parties, including the private institutions," he explained.
    In a press conference attended Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University Dr. Yoni Fuadah Syukriani, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs Unpad, Dr. Arry Bainus, MA., As well as the Director of Education, Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., Sp.A-K., Kes.

    According to him, the cost of these free beginning in 2016. This policy is taken, among others, to meet the needs of doctors and specialists in various areas, especially in West Java.
    "In fact, the areas that require power, so they are ready to be able to provide the cost of education," added Tri Hanggono.

    However, although free, there is a requirement stipulated to students Unpad Medical Education and Specialist Physician, that there is an agreement between the candidates with Unpad. The contents of the agreement, when graduate doctors free lecture is mandatory to serve in the region / institution specified. Otherwise, the Rector committed will not issue diplomas.

    "Unpad want to build an attitude of readiness earnestly to serve the community for its graduates. If it is not willing to fulfill the agreement, do not select courses in Medicine, Padjadjaran University. There are many other universities are also providing medical education," said Tri Hanggono.(dra / dra)


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