Why Facebook Enable Safety Check At Bomb Jakarta?

Jakarta - Facebook does not enable the feature Safety check when the terrorist attacks hit Jakarta yesterday. Approximately what makes the world's largest social networking does not seem to consider it necessary to activate Safety Check?

Some foreign media raised this issue. 'No Facebook Safety Check Event As Jakarta Reels From Deadly blasts' writes Forbes. While the Washington Post took down the title 'Facebook is now in the awkward position of Deciding what counts as a tragedy'.
"Social media is one of the first places people do updates when tragedy arises. However Safety Check, a tool Facebook is designed simplify your friends and family know that you are doing well in a crisis, is not activated when the attack occurred in the capital city of one of the largest markets Facebook , "wrote Washington Post.

Facebook does not tell clearly what criteria a Safety Check event that needs to be activated. But the Washington Post assess the possibility of an attack related to the scale.
Sporadic shooting in Paris and then for example, takes killed hundreds and made the city a very tense situation. Because the terrorists attacked several places at once, they are indiscriminate firing of firearms to civilians.

Then the bombings Nigeria where Safety Check also launched, there were about 34 deaths. While in Jakarta, the death toll is much less and the state can directly controlled by the security forces in a short time.
In addition the number of casualties, Facebook may consider other factors such as what amount of conversation at the site when the incident occurred. Nevertheless, they are still criticized for terror tragedy still can not be underestimated wherever they occur. Moreover, some time after the incident, there remains a panic no matter how large-scale attacks. So far, there has been no comment from Facebook.(fyk / ash)

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