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    Work at Google, Men's precisely Choosing Living in parking

    Sunday, January 17, 2016, January 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-01-18T02:00:43Z
    New York - Being a Google employee is the dream of many people. Yes, who would not want to have fun working in a salary plus above average. However, the employees have dispelled the shadow.
    Google's headquarters. Photo: Digital Trends
    Quoted from page Business Insider, Sunday (01/17/2016) Brandon, a Google software engineer's employee chose to live in the parking lot of the giant technology company offices. He prefers to stay in his car instead of renting a home in the Bay Area.

    The 23-year-old man is willing to leave the rental house cost $ 2,000 or the equivalent of USD 27.7 million with contracted with friends. The reason, Brandon rarely stay in the house.

    "I just realized have spent big money for an apartment that I never lived in. It's hard to imagine throwing money at it just like that. You really just burn the money for something that can actually be prepared for the future," he said.

    After becoming permanent workers, Brandon decided to buy a car type of truck that has a space of 128 cubic feet. This is where Brandon finally chose to stay.

    During his stay in the parking lot, almost all the basic necessities obtained from the Brandon office facilities. Ranging from bathing, eating, washing, until the gym.

    Even a car that has not even qualified enough to help her work. "I have a battery package that I filled every day at the office for the headphones and turn on the phone every night," he said.

    Despite working at Google, Brandon had to finish school loan debt worth US $ 22,434. After diligently paying each month, the remaining debt is now US $ 16,449.

    Brandon does have big ambitions. He intends to keep 90 percent of their income for future savings.(Vna / NRM)


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