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Currently the medical world are doing to stem the spread of standby Zika virus, the virus is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. If the media is transmitted through mosquito bites, of course you can not predict it. Next thing you know, you already feel the early symptoms of the appearance of Zika virus in the body such as fever, pain in joints, fatigue and easy fatigue, appearance of rashes in some parts of the body, as well as eye injuries.

So, what should you do?

Well, you should not need to panic. Because the WHO or the World Health Organization has had several suggestions apt to prevent further danger of this disease.

"Zika virus actually get into the type of minor illnesses. If you already have symptoms early on, many-many breaks. Then drink plenty of healthy fluids and taking medication that has been prescribed by a doctor," wrote WHO on its website.

Meanwhile, to prevent this disease from the beginning, a lot of things you can do like:

1. Applying mosquito repellent cream
2. Using clothes with bright colors that minimize mosquitoes can perch on your body.
3. Try to sleep using mosquito nets are installed on your bed.
4. Clean regularly like the water reservoirs or empty if not necessary. And because this is a favorite place of mosquitoes to lay eggs.
5. Lastly, always keep the environment clean your residence to conduct fumigation to prevent the development of mosquito Aedes aegypti. (Feb)

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