BMW X6 'Duplicity' alligators are sold at IDR 1.35 billion -->
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    BMW X6 'Duplicity' alligators are sold at IDR 1.35 billion

    Sunday, February 21, 2016, February 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-22T07:16:31Z
    Obverse has a grille resembling canines or helmets figures Star Wars, Darth Vader.
    Vilnius - He looks bad does not mean low value. This is what happens on the BMW X6 AG alligators are known as the most bad-looking modification work worldwide.

    Looks worse than this car was created as an interpretation of the comic. SUV coupe tuner works AG Excalibur Lithuanian origin is valued very high, reaching US $ 100 thousand or approximately IDR 1.35 billion.

    Reported Carscoops, extreme make over at Alligator appear prominently on the front side with the design of the helmet grille resembling canines or Star Wars characters, Darth Vader. Changes following bumper fascia add a longer front overhang dimension of 200 mm.

    Furthermore, co-adjustable axles with an additional 150 mm in front and 100 mm at the rear. The diameter wheels with tires that are used as 26 inches.

    In keeping with the theme of Alligator, the interior of the BMW X6 adorned with crocodile leather from Italy. Crocodile skin layer wrapping the dashboard panel, center console, steering wheel, to the door panel.

    Alligator X6 interior appearance more elegant with their ventilation panels AC plucked from Mercedes. With all these changes, the BMW X6 Alligator ready to be different in the event the next Bimmerfest.(l6)


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