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    Confusing, Twitter will change the format 'Reply'

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016, February 17, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-18T01:41:08Z
    Twitter as a media discussion. ©
    Twitter so popular social networking to interact with hundreds or even thousands of people involved in it. But sometimes the Twitter themselves who make it uncomfortable interaction activities.

    Reporting from Techcrunch (11/2), Twitter said it would make new changes to multiple formats, such @reply and @ Name. The decision was conveyed Twitter changes through its letter to shareholders.

    "We have a strange format related conversations, be of the format. @ Name and replies are not always understood people. We have to fix it," said the CEO, Jack Dorsey. "We are focused on updating the core product and see what is frustrating from our services," he added.

    Although many are giddy with the format of the interactions on Twitter, the theory used is not too difficult. So if you're interacting with someone through the replies, just you, the account you reply, and the people who follow you and that your reply was the one who could see the conversation. If you want all your followers to see the conversation, you just add a point or character in front of the username that you reply.

    In addition, the reply format is not so comfortable if the conversation is increasingly involved many people. Due to the number of characters from the account username is involved, take the number of the original character that only 140 characters. So more and more involved in the conversation, the more unlikely we can provide complex thought in one Tweet.

    Many think that Twitter should not count the number of characters in the username replies. If this change is one of the planned Twitter, then each user will get the full 140 characters in any discussion of their degree, no matter how participating. (Idc)


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