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    Facebook releases 'reaction,' Emoticons with different expressions

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016, February 24, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-25T07:33:21Z
    The latest Facebook emoticons. © entrepreneur.com
    Now Facebook will no longer synonymous with 'like,' because there will be more a reaction more than just a thumbs up.

    Quoted from Cnet (24/2), the popular social networking gives users the option to select multiple emoticons collection called 'Reaction' to respond to a submission. The new symbol, has an expression of love, laughter, surprise, sadness and anger. Iconic button 'like' is still maintained and has remained relatively unchanged despite this new emoticons.

    Facebook has previously tested the new icon to users in Europe, for several months. This idea departs from the demands of users who want to express their feelings through the icons,  more than just a thumbs up.

    "We have been listening to the community, and we know that there should be more ways easier and quicker to express something that we see in your News Feed," wrote Sammi Krug, Manager Product of Facebook, in a post Facebook hers.

    Is the purpose of this new emoji did not only develop a more expressive communication, but it helps to analyze Facebook users. With this, Facebook can take more data about the habits and opinions of the users, to create a digital profile that facilitate the inclusion of advertising to the correct target. You will be more comfortable in using Facebook without the annoying ads, Facebook even more smoothly in terms of revenue. [Idc]



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