Find a bug in Facebook, the hacker was rewarded IDR 100 million

Facebook is a social network with the largest number of users in the world, reaching 1.59 billion more. Not surprisingly, Facebook put the security of user data their number one priority. Bugs or errors on the social networking is something that is 'unlawful'.
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Therefore, the recent Facebook to provide money up to USD 7500 or IDR 100 million more on a hacker who has discovered a dangerous bug in Facebook. Hacker is Jack Whitton, he also worked as a consultant in the UK cyber security.

Whitton claimed to have discovered a bug that allows a hacker to take over a user's account. Dangerous is not it? Fortunately Whitton immediately reported the bug on Facebook. Facebook team also successfully fix a bug that 6 hours afterward.

According to Whitton, by exploiting the bug earlier, hackers can trick Facebook users to click a link that had been installed in his Facebook status. When another user is clicking the link above, direct the hacker can send the code to take over the account. In fact, the hacker could also put a link-issue the same status in the victim's account that more of the other victims are drawn over his account. [BBO]

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