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    Future Cars BMW No Longer Use Spion

    Sunday, February 21, 2016, February 21, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-22T07:23:39Z
    Video condition of the rear of the car is displayed on a digital screen with a width of 11.8 inches.
    Munich - German automotive manufacturer, BMW, decided to replace the side mirrors with cameras on the vehicles they produce. BMW finished second brand that utilizes the camera as a tool to monitor the conditions in the rear of the car.

    Reported Leftlanenews, use as a substitute for rearview cameras have been performed on the mirrorless i8 concept model was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. The camera is mounted on a position that previously was the side-view mirror and above the rear window. As for the condition of the back of a video displayed on a digital screen with a width of 11.8 inches.

    "There should be the first to develop the technology behind the cameras. This technology will continue to spread throughout the entire underlying models that are marketed in the future," said BMW Head of Development, Elmar Frickenstein.

    This mirrorless technology, further Frickenstein, BMW has developed three years ago before eventually used in the production model. i8 be the first model that uses a mirrorless which is then followed by the refreshment 7 Series models.

    Replacement technology for the rearview mirror has existed in the 1990s. It took several decades for mirrorless enhancements that can be used on the production model.

    Explained, mirrorless lens is protected with Gorilla Glass material following anti-dirt coating. This meant that the protection of digital still camera capable of capturing images with clarity when the condition of the surface of the lens is covered with snow, water, dust, and other contaminants.(li6)


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