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    Gianni Infantino Elected New President of FIFA

    Friday, February 26, 2016, February 26, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-27T03:17:16Z
    Zurich - After voting, the highest soccer organization in the world finally won Gianni Infantino as the new FIFA president. Gianni managed to gather 115 votes.
    Gianni Infantino (Reuters/Ruben Sprich Gianni)
    While other rivals, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa managed to earn 88 votes, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein get four votes, while Jerome Champagne none support.

    "I accept the result, thanks," said Gianni Infantino on the BBC website on Saturday (27/2).

    Giantini who had become UEFA's General Secretary said he felt wonderful to be met with a lot of fantastic people who love football, breathing football.

    "I want to be president of all of you, all 209 countries. I want to work with you all to work together and build a new era in which we can put a football in the middle of the stage, "he continued.

    Previously, Gianni was the candidate who was mentioned only enliven the new FIFA presidential election. Why? Because candidates this one very rarely do diverse things related to campaign to become president of FIFA.

    Almost since decided to go forward as a candidate, General Secretary of UEFA's never enliven the news. Needless to say, is still vague in fact what special motive of decision-blooded Italian advocates of this run.

    Emerging issues if the advance Infantino is a response to UEFA over the disabling of their president, Michel Platini last year. Not wanting to lose face, Infantino were encouraged to perform.

    Infantino said many common views and understanding of the future of world football between him and Platini. To that end, he intends to fix the FIFA suit the spirit of the advancement of European football.

    However, that does not mean this bald-headed figure will be easily eliminated. It is believed that his position as Secretary General of UEFA could get him into voting support from the football associations of European countries.


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