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    Google make inroads quick clicks open mobile website

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016, February 24, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-25T07:27:53Z
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    Internet users in Indonesia have a tendency to browse the content on the web through mobile devices (phones and tablets) anywhere, anytime. Unfortunately, until now, the experience of accessing content on the Internet via mobile devices still do not meet expectations, especially in terms of page load speed.

    Based on data owned by Google shows that netizens will leave a site if the content does not load within three seconds, which then inhibits the netizen to find the information they need at the moment.

    Currently, Google displays the newest way to access information more quickly. Google officially launched the project called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Indonesia to give netizens experience of accessing information faster, smoother, and saving data.

    This project is open source AMP (, and first announced globally in October 2015. Within four months, hundreds of publishers, and advertising technology companies have been working together to develop a better mobile web for everyone. Especially for Indonesia, where reading the news continues to be the current favorite online activity, AMP will facilitate netizens find the content they need more quickly, smoothly, and saving data.

    Initial results from AMP shows that the web page will be loaded reinforced with AMP 4X 10X faster and more efficient data.

    "Now when you search for a word or topic on Google through mobile devices, relevant webpages created using AMP will appear. News that you selected will load very quickly, and you will feel easy it is to read the whole article without having to wait a long loading . you can also easily explore the search results from one news AMP to another by simply dragging your finger, "said Rudy Galfi, Product Manager, AMP in a statement, Thursday (25/2).

    Meanwhile, to Indonesia, one of the publishers who apply are the AMP technology Kaskus.

    "As a community platform and social commerce in Indonesia, access Kaskus via smartphones continue to increase, then we are very happy to be part of the AMP because we can provide a browsing experience that is extremely fast and efficient for users Kaskus in mobile," said Martin Hartono, Kaskus CEO.[Idc]


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