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    Got Feet, Being Fish Make It Shudder

    Friday, February 5, 2016, February 05, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-06T03:04:20Z
    A strange fish found in the Gulf of New Zealand. Have legs, these animals make a horror!

    A variety of strange species in the world have discovered. However, form-legged fish that was recently discovered still makes me shudder.

    Fish found in New Zealand bay nicknamed 'fish-legged'. It is estimated that this animal of a kind with anglerfish, but the exact species is not yet clear.

    Quoted Science Alert, black-bodied marine animals, and has two fins on either side of the body is thought to walk on the seabed. The fish is found in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand North Island bay, hidden on the ship, among the piles of seaweed.

    The ship owner, Glenys Howse, trying to keep the fish survive. According to the plan, the fish will be sent to the aquarium. But unfortunately, the fish died shortly afterwards so that was sent to the museum for identification.

    Researchers have now confirmed that this specimen is striated frogfish (Antennarius striatus), or fondly known as anglerfish in Australia.

    Initially, researchers believe that these animals from the family of frogfish (frogfish). But it took days for the specific kind. Panhandle on his head indicates that this fish is striated frogfish. The species usually has a pattern of stripes on his body. However, these animals almost the whole body is black.

    Frogfish known for their ability camouflaged, by controlling the pigment in their bodies so they can blend in with the ocean floor. Scientists are now further testing to find out more about this endangered species. They also investigated whether these animals are species or sub-species are new.

    "Strange, this animal is entirely black, just there is a pattern in the trunk 'lantern' head," wrote Facebook page Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. "There are various theories about this, whether this animal has many varieties of species, or only slightly. Examples of networks that we take can answer that."

    Why tangible frogfish strange? These animals have an unusual hunting strategies. These fish use their fins to 'walk' on the seabed. The fins shaped like feet that help them balance yourself on the rocky surface and coral reef, while they are waiting for its prey. At that moment, they would pull the 'bait' they are shaped like a worm.

    When the animal approaches, frogfish will widen the mouths and their bodies, so that they can swallow fish similar in size to their bodies.

    "Frogfish are vertebrate animals with a bite at the earliest," said Museum of New Zealand. "Their mouths widened with similar velocity bullets fired from rifles 22. It is in the deep sea water, where the pressure is 800 times that of air.

    This fish is found in most tropical and sub-tropical from around the world, and can live anywhere from shallow waters up to 210 meters below sea level. Most of these fish are found at a depth of 40 meters.

    Although these fish are found dead, the carcass can be used among researchers to learn more about this species that is rarely seen. The museum also plans to preserve it so that it can be viewed publicly.source


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