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    Mystery Solved: Who is the figure of the Stranger Who Appear In Our Dreams?

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016, February 23, 2016 EDT Last Updated 2016-02-23T08:26:08Z
    The dream is still one mystery of life that is difficult to solve. A dream comes suddenly and without being able to be designed. Some argue, the dream is a picture of the everyday experience of someone. But, what if the case is we meet with strangers we've never met before?

    Many people claimed to dream of people who had never known before, but the stranger it feels so familiar with it. Even to have opened the eyes were, the figure of the stranger still remember. Reported by, a study conducted in 1963 of 1,000 dream lasted, most foreigners are present in dreams is a man. Foreign male figure is accompanied with an aggressive character. Surprisingly, the stranger male gender was more frequent in men than women dream you know!

    According to the study, William Domhoff see their role figure of 'the enemy' in dreams. Enemies are defined as characters dream usually interact in person. Generally this character closer to the aggressive character. Foreign man and animals dominating character of this enemy. Unlike the characters of foreign wanta more friendly so rarely collected in a dream. Thus, it is closely related to the condition of psychic, emotional and memory formation to what happens in our dreams. Strangers are considered as characters that are not familiar to someone who dreamed.

    Hmm, if we harbored fears something, it can influence into our dreams. Have you ever felt awkward meeting a stranger in your dream, Ladies? Tell us your experience in the comments below, Ladies.(wcm)


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